Share Your Love, Not Your Germs, This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved one you care by sharing your love, not your germs. Date nights are no fun at all if you both wind up sick, so here are our top tips for keeping you (and your date) healthy this Valentine’s Day.

If You’re Sick, Postpone

It may put a damper on your plans, […]

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AFC Urgent Care Flu Season Update

If you’ve gotten your flu shot already, great job! You’re much better protected against getting the flu this flu season. And if you still haven’t gotten your yearly flu shot yet, there’s no time to waste! Protecting yourself against the flu is vital to your health, as well as the health of those around you, […]

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New Year, New Health Goals

At the start of every new year, we all make resolutions to improve our health and our daily lives. But often, in the hustle and bustle of the new year, we end up forgetting or neglecting our resolutions, and which makes our goals that much harder to accomplish. This year, why not break from that […]

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It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Flu Shot!

By December, many people feel like it’s too late to get their flu shot. Flu season has started, and if they didn’t get their flu shot in the fall, they’re certainly not going to find time for it during the busy holiday season. But the truth is, as long as people are still getting sick […]

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Don’t Wait Until Spring to Do Your Household Cleaning

With the winter season right around the corner, you and your family can be exposed to germs that invite viruses into your home.  You can easily stop the spread of germs by “spring cleaning” your home.

Here are a few tips to keep your home cleaner and healthier this winter:

Wash your hands. Your hands collect […]

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How to Keep Your Thanksgiving Cold and Flu-Free

Keep Your Friends and Family Healthy This Holiday Season 
This Thanksgiving, pass the turkey, not the flu! Illnesses, such as the flu, can be transferred through sneezing, coughing or surface contamination. According to the CDC, germs can live approximately two hours on surfaces such as door knobs or kitchen counters. With a few preventative steps, your […]

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Let’s Celebrate World No Tobacco Day!

World No Tobacco Day is May 31, 2016. How will you be celebrating?

What would the world be like with no tobacco use? For one day, the World Health Organization (WHO) wants us to try and find out. WHO coordinates the annual World No Tobacco Day with the goal of eliminating tobacco use around the world. […]

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How to Prevent Illness From Bug Bites

Gorgeous spring and summer weather means it’s time for the whole family to head outside! But your family members aren’t the only ones wanting to enjoy the warmer weather — this time of year is when all kinds of bugs like to come out in full force. While we love seeing all the pretty ladybugs, […]

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Common Injuries and How to Handle Them

Injuries can happen when you least expect them — and they can be disorienting and chaotic when they do occur. You may be in too much pain to help yourself, or it may be during a time when your primary care doctor’s office is closed. So how can you get help when you need it? […]

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Mom’s Health Tips: Which Ones Work, and Which Ones Don’t?

Mother knows best when you’re growing up, but even the most informed and well-meaning mothers sometimes gave us advice that we later discovered wasn’t quite right. We here at AFC took a list of some of the most popular pieces of motherly health advice and evaluated them. Read on to find out which pieces passed […]

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