Depending on the time of year or the health concern, different infections can impact other parts of the body. AFC Urgent Care Paramus can treat many different medical conditions that are not life-threatening. It’s essential to get all infections, or persistent medical conditions looked at. Leaving certain conditions untreated can lead to further health complications down the road. 

Learn more about the infections and injuries we treat, as well as additional patient services, and visit our center today. 

Conditions Treated at AFC Paramus

Common and moderate illnesses and injuries are treated every day at AFC Paramus. Patients can walk into our center any day at their convenience to receive treatment, with no appointment necessary. Some of the common conditions and infections we treat include:

It’s important to know when conditions need urgent care or emergency care. The emergency room has certain capabilities that urgent care centers do not have, and they are better equipped to treat severe or life-threatening conditions. If there has been a change in mental state, confusion, or loss of consciousness, it may be best to visit an emergency room. 

Lab Services at AFC Paramus

AFC Urgent Care Paramus has an on-site lab that allows for faster processing times and more accessible diagnoses. Our providers can analyze results from tests or look at scans from an x-ray to help diagnose a patient’s condition. This allows us to provide treatment faster than shipping our tests to another lab.

Some of the lab services that we analyze include:

Treatment Available

Depending on the illness or injury will depend on the treatment. Certain bone fractures or sprains may require a hard or soft cast, depending on how severe the damage is. Splints can also be provided for injuries on fingers or toes. Medications can be recommended or prescribed to help with pain, as well. 

In some cases, flu shots can be administered for illnesses that present flu-like symptoms. Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics, however, our providers can recommend the best type of medications patients should take to help alleviate their symptoms. 

Illnesses that are caused by bacteria can be treated with antibiotics. Certain STDs or strep throat can have antibiotics prescribed to eliminate the symptoms and the infection.