It’s safe to say that after last winter – one of the longest and most bitter in history – many NJ residents are craving time outdoors in the summer sun. Summer, unfortunately, comes along with increased risk of skin irritation from poison ivy. The leaves of this plant is coated with an oil named Urushiol which results in an itchy, red, and bumpy rash within 12 -72 hours of contact with skin. These rashes rarely become serious or life-threatening but, severe reactions such as swelling, blistering, and crusting skin require urgent attention from a medical professional.
Though rashes typically clear within 14 -20 days, the uncontrollable itching and overall discomfort of skin irritation can feel unbearable at times. Luckily, these simple at-home treatments can offer instant relief:

  • Press a cold compress on the infected area
  • Take an oatmeal bath to sooth and calm skin
  • Apply anti-itch creams, lotions, or gels to the affected area
  • Take antihistamine medication to reduce your reaction


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