COVID-19 has changed how we do many of our daily activities. With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s becoming an unfortunate reality that COVID-19 will be impacting holiday celebrations too. While it may be frustrating to change your traditional celebration style, it’s important to prioritize the health of yourself, friends, and family above a holiday celebration.

Are Holiday Celebrations Safe?

The safety of in-person holiday celebrations is not a simple topic. Different areas of the country are experiencing vastly different numbers of cases. This means that while some places are experiencing uncontrolled spread of the virus, other places have relatively low numbers with a very slow spread. You should follow the advice of state and local health departments to determine if holiday celebrations are safe in your area. If you live in an area where holiday celebrations are not safe, consider having a virtual celebration instead!

People Who Should Not Attend

Some people should not take the risk of attending a holiday celebration during COVID-19 even if it is considered “safe” in your area. People who are considered high risk due to health conditions, age, or pregnancy should not attend holiday celebrations this year. High-risk individuals have a greater likelihood of severe illness or death if they come in contact with the virus, compared to those that are not considered high-risk. If you’re unsure of your high-risk status, speak with a doctor to learn more.

Hosting Tips

Hosting a holiday celebration during COVID-19 is possible, but you will need to take extra precautions. Hosting in an outdoor space is ideal. If it’s an indoor space, choose a space that’s large enough to allow good air flow and 6-foot social distancing between guests. Limit the number of guests you invite in person and ask the rest to attend virtually. Prepare your celebration with plenty of masks, hand sanitizer, and handwashing areas to limit the risk of exposure. Stay away from large serving platters, punch bowls, and other serving methods that increase the risk of contamination from one guest to another. You should choose one person to be responsible for all serving stations to limit the amount of people touching the serving dishes and utensils. Encourage your guests to wear a mask, social distance, and do their part to keep everyone present as safe as possible!

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