If you have a child in school there are some pretty high odds that your child is also enrolled in sports. We here at AFC Urgent Care Paramus encourage kids in school to enroll in sports. Sports for a child in school teaches them core values, gives them a friend group, & teaches them healthy techniques. However, If your child is in sports there is always the risk of getting an injury. Here is a list of some of the treatments we give to sports injuries.

Cuts & Stitches

If your child is involved in an accident & has a non-life threatening injury AFC Urgent Care Paramus we can assess the damage of the cut & find out if stitches are necessary. If stitches are necessary our physicians will:

  • Clean the wound
  • Assess the damage
  • Give stitches
  • give any neccesary medicine

Our goal is to make sure you are on your way to recovery as fast as possible!


If your child feels they may have a break or fracture our physicians will be able to access & recommend an X-ray if they feel it will be necessary. Some breaks & fractures that we search for will be:

  • Fractures (hairline, Oblique)
  • Breaks in minor parts of the body
  • toes
  • fingers
  • feet
  • hands

If you have any more questions please call us at 201-262-2010, We are walk-in friendly & are open 7-days a week!