Getting older is tough. New aches and pains and new physical limitations might keep you from doing things you love. However, it is possible to age healthily so that you can continue to live your life. Keep reading for everything you need to know about healthy aging.

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Staying Active

Staying active isn’t just for young people or athletes. It is absolutely crucial that the elderly stay as active as their body allows. Physical activity keeps the muscles and joints limber and loose, which will reduce pain and inflammation that can come with age. Being active is also great for heart health.

One positive side effect of staying active as you age is the opportunity for socializing, which is something that’s also difficult to do as you get older. Community centers often offer workout or swimming classes for the elderly for a low-impact, social activity.

Eating Right

Nutrition is just as important for the elderly as for growing children—however, nutritional needs to differ a little bit as you get older. A healthy diet can reduce the risk of age-related disorders like high blood pressure, osteoporosis, heart disease, and more.

Because many seniors can’t cook for themselves and don’t have a family to do so, programs like Meals on Wheels focus on bringing healthy, nutritious meals to seniors in need.

Dealing with Diseases and Conditions of Aging

There are many disorders that accompany age, and while there are things you can do throughout your life to mitigate them, it’s not always entirely possible to avoid them, especially if they are genetically triggered.

Common conditions that come with aging include arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease/dementia, diabetes, hearing/vision loss, heart disease, and cancer. Weaker joints and muscles can also lead to injuries from falling.

Healthy aging includes identifying and diagnosing these conditions in a timely manner to prevent further injury.

Medication, Treatment, and Care Management

As mentioned above, some aspects of aging are inevitable. Staying physically active and eating right will help improve health, but it often comes down to treatment and care management. Elderly patients may need to work closely with at-home nurses or aides for medication, physical therapy, or any other kind of treatment.

To make the treatment of aging a bit less of a burden, there are many programs that specialize in prescription discounts, at-home care, and more.

Staying healthy as you age can be a challenge, but having the right care makes all the difference. If you want to know more, get in touch with AFC Paramus today.