Certain working conditions may impact a person’s health and safety. Occupational health is designed around keeping all working conditions safe to ensure there are no workplace accidents or injuries. There have been cases of workers struggling with dim office lights for so long that you’ve developed sight problems. Also, doctors who operated health machines and suffered health complications due to exposure to the machine. 

There is a part of health care that is responsible for matters like this. That aspect is called occupational health. AFC Urgent Care Paramus provides employer services to help keep employees safe and happy and keep businesses running smoothly.  

What is occupational health?

Occupational health is a multidisciplinary field that aims to ensure the promotion and maintenance of workers’ physical, mental and social well-being, a convenient and safe working environment, and good work culture and keep employees in a job suited to their physiological and psychological capacities. It encompasses the interrelationships between work environment as well as health and diseases. 

Types of industries that need occupational health

The list of industries that need occupational health is long and almost difficult to exhaust. Even with that being said, some industries are notorious for their need for occupational health. These industries are

  • The construction industry

Many times, workers fall off rooftops, lose an arm, a leg or sustain serious injuries resulting from poor working equipment. These things are the focus of occupational health.

  • The utilities and public works sector

Those treating public sewage, fixing electricity lines, going underground to fix faulty water pipes, and the rest fall under this category. There have been instances where a wireman falls from a 9ft tall ladder and sustains injuries. Also, there have been occasions where a sudden collapse of a tunnel passage trapped mine-workers, leaving them with claustrophobia and serious work injuries. These situations emphasize the need for occupational health.

  • Public Health care

Itinerant health care workers continuously expose themselves to whatever ailments their patients suffer from. They are the frontline soldiers in the fight for a healthier world and, like real-life frontline soldiers, risk their lives. This is one industry with a need for occupational health.

Benefits of Occupational Health

The benefits of occupational health are numerous. When occupational health is put in place, the cost associated with accidents such as compensations and expenses of court actions is significantly reduced. There is a reduction in the number of accidents. Business efficiency is greatly improved as the cost of hiring temporary workers to fill in for the indisposed workers is avoided.

It improves the image of the company and facilitates recruitment. Improvement in the health of workers also leads to improvement in performance. Occupational health lowers the insurance premiums on policies taken out on workers since the likelihood of accidents is greatly reduced.

Occupational health is a win-win for both the workers and the employers. Its benefits outweigh its cost. Try it today, and you’ll be amazed at how much efficiency it offers!